28 11 2006

I love this period of my life very much. The diversity that Uni life brings.. even on this small, little island. Before this, esp during secondary school and JC days, I thought I’m similar to most other people, or that they are pretty similar to me.. in terms of thinking, background etc. Now I see… certainly not!

Amazed to have met a couple of interesting people these days… from social work and non-social work.. And I’m beginning to learn to appreciate the diversity it brings. I’m amazed how God has wired each of us up so differently. I guess we are somewhat very similar and yet very different.

Also been looking at the overseas master’s programs.. from University of Michigan and King’s College. Shall explore more after the exams. God willing, I’m really keen to do a master’s program overseas. Takes only about a year or so. I want to be well-equipped and trained to do my job, but I really want to gain the cross-cultural experience, which is a very real issue in Social Work. I guess, that’ll take place only a few years down the road.. unless I get a scholarship… heh. with good recommendations from the darling lecturers in NUS.. God, You’re reading this right? 😉




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