Mayday convert

8 12 2006

Went to a concert after my last paper on Wed with Marcus, Anthony and Cullen. They’re really sweet.

The beginning of the concert was not very exciting. The best part was Mayday! Ok, I don’t know most of their songs. Came back and listened to them on Youtube. Man, they’re fantastic. I love two of their songs. Xian Yu and Jue Jiang. Anyway, the lyrics are very simple and relatable to the common man on the street, which probably explain their appeal.

In the Xian Yu, Ashin starts by saying that when they first formed the band, they didn’t expect their songs would reach such a wide audience. Wow, I’m in awe. A dream explodes potential! Anyway, Mayday accomplished what critics said was impossible.

At the risk of losing the real essence of the songs, here’re parts that I thought are inspiring.

My favourite part is when it goes something like
“I don’t have special talents, I just dare to dream”;
“If I have a dream, it’s gotta be crazy, only then can I leave a legacy behind”; and
“If I give up and lead an easier life, I’ll no longer be me. I don’t want to slack all my life”.

Jue Jiang (found it on some other site)
When I am different to the world, then let me be different
Perseverance to me, means to use force to conquer the force
I, if I compromise to myself, if I lie to my self
Even other people forgives me, I won’t forgive myself
The most beautiful wish, must be the craziest

Is heaven the next stop?
Even if I am disappointed, I cannot lose all hope

The dirtier my hands are, the brighter my gaze will be
You said that the phoenix only appears after burnt by the fire
The direction against the wind is even more suitable for flying
I’m not scared of thousands of millions of people stopping me, I’m only scared that I will surrender




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