Christmas cheer…

20 12 2006

Hmmm. This’s a busy week. Feel overwhelmed just looking at the schedule and deadlines.

It is a little unbelievable that I’m busier during the hols than school term. Actually it is not. I work alot. A friend thinks I’m gonna be in a crisis if I don’t do anything about my single status. How funny. I don’t think my life is perfect but having a partner wouldn’t necessarily make my life better, at least for this season.

My plate is full – I need to get a bigger plate! 🙂 I want more friends and family time, and more God time!

Early Jan and the first week of school shall be a break for me. A self-declared one. Yay.

Things I wanna do:

1. Go Botanic gardens to jalan jalan or jog with a friend. Or a tree-top walk would be nice!

2. Meet up with friends whom I havent seen in ages. Have coffee, talk.

Trusting God for a great 2007 ahead. I just know it’ll be intense. Bracing myself for it.

Shall return with a post on defining moments in 2006!




2 responses

21 12 2006

i wanna meet ya for coffee! 🙂 chat on msn..

21 12 2006
Ai Ling

Yes! we havent met for eerrr a year?

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