24 12 2006

Jan 2006

  1. Got HX as my leader! She’s a really fun person to be work with.
  2. Felt like God’s gonna move me into something new.
  3. Got to know some friends from Urban Youth Work. A bunch of us have since become great partners in project work and buddies. Yay.

May 2006

  1. Celebrated my 21st!
  2. Left Bookstore Ministry.
  3. Started placement at Care Corner Family Service Centre (Toa Payoh) – this almost radically changed my worldview of how people live their lives. Guess I became much more open to people who live differently from me since then. Still remember the shock of hearing a lady say matter-of-factly she prostitutes to earn money to feed herself and her child(ren).

June 2006

  1. I permed my hair! And became vain from then.

July 2006

  1. Ended placement. I definitely became much less strait-laced after placement.
  2. Started work as a research assistant in the CMF project interviewing ex-offenders. Many of them are really nice guys. What hit me most was how resilient they are no matter how many times they’ve been in and out of the prisons and DRCs. This people have more to offer than we’d care to accept.
  3. Met a couple of others who share the same passion in Social Work as me!

August 2006

  1. Got to take module with Anthony and Marcus. That was the beginning of much fun and laughter.
  2. Highly impacted by weekend svcs with Dr Bernard. Esp the bit about how we ought to flourish from wherever we are and be a light in the marketplace. We gotta re-present Christ to the world!

Sept 2006

  1. Took part in some aquathlon with F.L. First time taking part in such an event. It was fun! Goal-setting works. I like running.

Oct 2006

  1. Joined Society of Social Work Students, does marketing. I know it’s God’s favour – not because I’m so smart.

Nov 2006

  1. Almost wanted to give up on the vision that God has given to me.
  2. A lecturer asked if I wanted to work part-time in his project. I never thought such an opportunity will come my way. I know it’s again the favour and grace of God. Oh I’m working under another lecturer’s project now.

Dec 2006

  1. Think I’m gonna end the year stronger! God has been so faithful and so gracious.

2 more days before results are released!

Whatever it may be, it has been a tough year.. but also a very fulfilling one. A year of discovery and a year of being stretched. Learnt to have fun even under stress.




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