Shots from a humble k800i

7 01 2007

Decided to spend some time alone. I went to the Botanic Gardens yesterday.


Often we don’t know what’s ahead for us after the bend. But it’s almost always fun to make the turn anyway!


This is what ‘lots of love’ looks like in nature.


Seats for two?


This tree is rooted, growing tall and flourishing.


We live in a convoluted universe, don’t we?

The above are my favourites.. from the cactus portion. Cacti speak to me of grit.

Pretty flowers.

For a more civic-minded society?


Anyway, the best part was seeing elderly couples strolling around hand-in-hand. That was a beautiful sight.






One response

13 01 2007

wow! u call that humble. haha! really nice shots! 🙂
take care gal! *hugs*
God bless.

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