it takes all sorts to make the world

12 01 2007

can’t stand people who stand by the side and offer their criticism on what’s going on and not want to do anything when they are asked to come forward. if they are not prepared to do much, then they better not think aloud too critically.

can’t stand people who complain about what is lacking and not do anything to improve the situation and make things happen.

this sort of people put the ones who work hard, who step into the sh*t to shame. you know, it makes those who are struggling and fighting for change look like losers cos all they do is just to stand coolly by the side and talk. let’s see who emerges in the end.

on a more positive note, i had a tremendously satisfying Fri evening. I stayed back in the office to clear my data entry work, sorted out the spss template! Next week, i ve slightly less work and can focus my energies on social workers’ day. yay. jane said “work’s taking over your life”. Oh well, it’s sorta true. i love to work. it is tremendously satisfying.

spent some time examining my beliefs, values and priorities. work vs family vs friends. told a friend that my boyfriend’s gotta be busier than me, then i have a legitimate reason not to meet up when i have to work. well, it seems like i’m willing to give up many important things for work. Not quite that, but i guess if i have to finish the work, i have to finish it, importance is no longer an issue.

talked alot to another friend today. realised that i’m scared of relationships. the idea of being committed to one scares me. not that im promiscuous but that im scared of the uncertainty it entails. she also says i am a “frigid bitch” at work and that im very proper at work . hahahaha. kinda. i wasn’t offended. found it funny.

well. it takes all sorts to make the world. the world’s a more exciting place to live in that way. can you imagine a world of homogeneous frigid bitches.

am gonna have a great, fruitful and restful weekend!




2 responses

13 01 2007

glad to hear that. you deserve a break. now leave a tag at mine! haha.

15 01 2007

i appreciate the humor. shall take a leaf out of this page!

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