hopes desires and dreams

21 01 2007

social workers’ day is finally over. it was a resounding success!
i was offered an extension of my work as a research assistant from the original May 2007 to July 2007.  actually she offered to have me work till year 4, but decided i should let her know in july if i would like to continue working till graduation since year4 workload is heavier. im so amazed she would want me to continue working under her potentially till year4.  i put in the work and the effort but im still amazed because i dont think im particularly bright. im sure God plays a big part in this. im so excited about this because it’s all social work-related. it is a big part of my life. in this season at least. and i can tell you, i am sure (i know im biased!) no department in NUS is as friendly and supportive as the social work department. it feels like home there!

decided i should pick up some skills from wherever and whoever can teach me.

1.  graphic design – who says posters publicising social work-related programmes should look dull and old-world? social work by itself is meant to meet needs in a relevant manner, so should its publicity posters.

2. video-editing – im sure this is a good skill to pick up since videos can communicate alot and social work is also very much about communication.

3. learn professional make-up. be a make-up artist. it has always been a wild thought to me. but i was so inspired by cindy’s sharing her story about going to learn and then being able to use it productively. i want to learn, don’t know when yet. i once thought of having make-up courses for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds (don’t know what i mean exactly by disadvantaged yet though). i think make-up courses is a very useful tool for reaching out to adolescent girls! dr sim played with snakes, another senior does balloon sculpting.. another magic. how about make-up for girls? but does that mean im subjugating those girls to ideals that would enslave them and cause them to be obsessed with looks and looks alone? nope, i think that’s an extreme view to take.

4. learn scuba diving. perhaps this is a compensatory skill since im not keen on taking up driving. anyway, i think scuba-diving is real fun la.

5. i still want to go overseas to do a masters! maybe HKU for master in social work, or UK for master in family therapy or NUS master in social work by research. well, still dont know if i’m more of a one-to-one person or more of a community work person. heh. my gut feeling is im more of a one-to-one casework kind of worker. but we’ll see. anyway, this master’s dream is reserved for many years down the road. or how about going overseas on scholarship??

talking about 1-5 means i gotta excel at what im doing right now.




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