From the tutorial class in sociology of deviance

9 02 2007

Prostitution is… ala carte.

Prostitution elevates the institution of marriage and thus keeps it alive. Do we agree?

Read in a reading… the very institutions set up to deal with deviance are often the ones that perpetuate it. Think about it.. the prisons where the experienced ones teach the newbies tricks of the trade. But then this effectively discredits the work of social workers and counsellors. I’m not saying the work of social workers and counsellors can undo years of socialization and social learning (then, we also want to question what the objectives of rehabilitation work should be) but I’d like to be more optimistic about it. Social workers do not just work with the individual alone. There’s the family, employment issues and working with society at a macro level. Also, we can’t assume that everyone who enters the system has no potential for change or that the environment the ex-offender re-enters will necessarily drive him back into those revolving doors. And now, who says that those doors have got to be revolving?




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