9 02 2007

planned to rest today. but i fell sick. can’t go jogging. but i still get to rest. but humph. i’m just sorta irritated it has to turn out this way. but i’m looking forward to a fruitful productive weekend.

here are some pics.

Social Workers’ Day


AL, Bec and Jane


AL, Nick and Bec


My workspace in a rather messy room used by graduate students. It’s such a privilege getting to know them. Got to know this Indian one.. who’s super duper solid with SPSS. His brains work so fast I wonder how they are wired up. And then this one from Kenya. He’s a great guy. Very encouraging. Helped me to see that even though I was struggling with work at some points, I’m really building skills. It’s funny cos I never thought I could converse easily with someone from Africa. Oh it did take some time for me to understand his American accent though.



Super Hunks of the Year. Marcus and Anthony.

Marcus happens to love the Victoria’s Secret bag so much that we exchanged bags for awhile.





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