The lived experience

9 02 2007

“…/With Internet the world is shrinking/but we’re now drifting further/the music the songs and the people are dancing/but my heart seems in tears/…/In a heart full of hurting fears/on a face frozen with tears/In a world that hardly hears/there’s someone there’s someone who cares.” – lyrics from a song composed for Social Workers’ Day.

 In a heart full of hurting fears. In a world that hardly hears.

That really struck me.  But it’s really true. Got to meet and know some people recently. Even the ones who look like they have it altogether go through daily fears, uncertainties and disappointments. Yes, so we need more social workers (no, actually we need more empathy, more understanding of the lived experience) and we all need God.




One response

9 02 2007

it’s a life of perpetual uncertainty these days.

just constant change.


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