The cousin they never knew

18 02 2007

She doesn’t talk much, nor makes too much effort to catch up. It feels too contrived. She doesn’t really mind but there’s always the idea that they’re supposed to be family. Perhaps the family that’s never around for the rest of the year but will always faithfully meet up at this time of the year. She feels foreign among them. Yet, as much as her mind doesn’t like the idea, her heart still sort of enjoys just being there amongst them.

The idea of family is a complex one – one she’ll never understand in its entirety.




2 responses

20 02 2007

Yes, the idea of family is complex. We can’t choose are family like we can our friends, therefore we end up being close to some pretty diverse people.

22 02 2007

let’s see…
i aint close to my cousins too… and i always wonder why… i suppose its the age-difference.. and the fact tt we live miles apart… lastly, other than the yearly cny gatherings, we are almost non-existent in each others lives… sounds sad…. but i have no idea how to fix up it.

yet i know.. God will make a way!
when i saw my cousin in the same church that i attend, i know God’s hands are moving in my family! =)

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