25 02 2007

I’m so happy. Don’t ask me why or what happened – nothing very spectacular in particular. I’m happy to say for the first time in a long time “I am really happy”. Not the excited and jump-for-joy kind of happy, but just a quiet, filled-with-hope kind of happy.


I guess it might be due to my decision to stop pit-digging and just let go and enjoy what life brings as well as to just be bold and enjoy each challenge as it comes. I’ve also decided to stop looking and stop searching (don’t ask me for what).


I guess very importantly, it’s my coming to realise in a brand-new way that God has great stuff in store for me this year. It’s great knowing that He’s with me at every step of the way.


I guess it might be because I had a fantastic break. Stayed at home quite a bit, watched lots of funny Taiwanese variety shows, slept alot. Spent time with my bros too. They’re so fun to hang out with.


I guess it might be because I finally penned down my new year resolutions and am taking up new challenges! In the cell group, at work, in school… woohoo.. there’s a challenge in almost every aspect of my life!


Am also gonna sign up for a 10km run in June! Excited. Yes. New year resolutions are meant to be fulfilled.


I feel recharged and refreshed! Finally feel ready to start 2007 proper! 😀




One response

27 02 2007

Sounds like you simply allowed yourself to “be”. Excellent choice! Continue down this path and you will be amazed!

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