2 03 2007

“So you must be the ai ling that xxx recommended to xxx!”

> Oh is that so? I don’t know.

“Oh you must be. Must be doing well huh. Well done.”

Ha. That left me beaming. Inside of course. Thank God for the favour people have shown me!

And I had much fun going to the opening ceremony of the Gerontology Conference that the department organized. Hmm.. just need to enjoy networking (I didn’t do much of that but oh well.) a little more. And the best thing was that the keynote address was about theory-building and the importance of being theory-driven. Though there were parts I didn’t understand.

And I really want to thank God for a fantastic boss!

Where do you get a boss who cuts oranges and papayas for you during your lunch break?

Where do you get a boss who doesn’t get frustrated when you don’t give her what she wants and still tells you that it might be ‘cos she didn’t explain herself clearly enough?

Where do you get a boss who’s so willing to sit down with you and say “let’s figure this out together” when you interrupt her and tell her you’re facing difficulties in the midst of her own busy schedule?

Where do you get a boss who chides you because she thinks you’re staying back too late?

I’ve found that boss! Let me tell you, this IS the grace of God.




One response

5 03 2007

You are very fortuante indeed! Enjoy her and learn from her!

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