8 little happy things on a potentially bad day/week.

30 03 2007

1. Seeing Lydia on my way to school. She said “Ai Ling I like your top and your hair today.” Great. Thought I was having a bad hair day. Sharing my frustrations with her on the bus made my evaluation of this week a little more bearable. Maybe I’m too hard on myself.

2. Filming Mrs Wee. She’s such a pleasant, beautiful English lady who’s probably 80 years old! She’s like the Minister Mentor in the social work department. Was interviewing her for a video.. really friendly lady with a nice, crisp British accent.. her words are peppered with “Oh let me tell you a funny story, one time I was…..” Really inspired me to keep going. Life with all its frustration is still worth living if you know you’re doing the right things for the right reasons. I hope that when I am 80 years old, I’ll still have a huge zest for life and many funny stories to tell.

3. “Good job, Ai Ling!” from my boss. Certainly did something for my distorted thoughts about my abilities.

4. Meeting Huiling. Another great time of sharing… thanks friend! I am so very grateful for your friendship! Am so glad I can relate to you as I am. We gotta meet up more while we’re still in NUS!

5. Meeting Anggy, Shihui and Jessica… social work buddies.. it’s just a pity that we don’t get to hang out on a more regular basis.. we only know about stuff in the aftermath.. but still friends I treasure nonetheless.

6. Hearing Flo say “Oh can’t wait for us (me and a few others!) to do project together in year 4!” Ya man, I agree. This rapport we’ve built is precious and very instrumental in us producing solid results as a group! We’ll tioglutton and sing budak songs and look out for falling pudding together in yr 4.

7. Meeting Anthony, Marcus and Jane for lunch. These buddies are gonna graduate very soon. Sob.

8. Meeting Bec… she was so patient in listening to me rant.

Yes you can probably tell I’m trying to be positive about this week.. Believe with me that next week will be better!




3 responses

30 03 2007

Sounds like overall you had a great week! Keep it positive!

21 04 2007

hey cant believe i just managed to know of your site through jane’s site! haha. your entry here is lovely.. i like this kind of small things that fix a bad day too! (: btw did u meet Mrs Wee Kim Wee! (OMG!)

22 04 2007

You crack me up! No it wasn’t mrs wee kim wee. hahahahahah. another mrs wee.

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