1 04 2007

I got myself a book today. Freakonomics. Because it’s an interesting read and more because I feel like I need to read wacky, mind-jerking stuff.

Other books I would like to get:

For One More Day and The Five People You Meet in Heaven, both by Mitch Albom.

Body Work The Social Construction of Women’s Body Image by Sylvia K. Blood. This costs $49!

And I want tt mini-skirt from Pull and Bear!

New clothes and books are important needs of the human soul. Aesthetic and intellectual needs.

I have decided to make deliberate changes to my life. I want to make room for God. I need to de-clutter my life.

Sleep earlier. Wake up earlier to go jogging. Make time to read. Celebrate life. The good and the bad. Eliminate hurry (which I think would be highly challenging). Live by a budget (though I really dislike this word!). Spend less time on MSN/blogging.

Don’t scoff at me. Believe with me that a higher quality of life can be achieved!

P.S. My boss’s still interested to hire me till I graduate!




One response

4 04 2007

Sounds like a great plan. Let us know what you think of “Freakenomics”. I have that on my reading list, however it keeps getting bumped by other books.

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