23 04 2007

You know, talking to him absolutely convinced me that I’ve grown.

I wasn’t won over by his flowery, flattering words.

I wasn’t won over by his fun, easy-going personality.

If I were 16, I might have been so smitten for days and days.

I’m glad I’ve gone beyond that. Yay.




4 responses

24 04 2007

seems like u are having your own potential ‘fling’..haha. too bad Ling is too good for honeytongued boys. u go girllll! (:

anyways.. im thinking..remember our ‘yue ding’? ahha if by say 27,28 still single, we go Lunch Actually or SDU zhi lei de. LOL..

24 04 2007

Yeah for you! You are growing! You are being true to yourself!

25 04 2007

ling!! i’m applying for local exchange!! might be doing social courses if i can fulfill that under somewhere… cant wait to go to the same sch as u n xian!

and i’m envious that u’ve grown! hee.. nah.. i’m happy so long as u are. 🙂

25 04 2007

Aiyo. So shocked to see 3 comments!

Ya xian, i always and still remember our ‘yue ding’. we’ll attend those activities tog, if we’re still single by 27 28. hahaha. but who knows what might happen after your exchange at Netherlands is over!?

Hi tobeme, thank you for your encouraging words!

Wen! ok let’s meet up when you’re over in NUS! your school life is so colourful huh!

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