It’s really not a must…

15 05 2007

Xiao Ying, a PhD student from China says…

If you were in China, you ought to be worried that you aren’t attached by now. But given your looks, if you were in China, you would surely be attached by now! Do you need help? How about introducing you some of the chu lei ba cui (this means.. cream of the crop, top-quality) China guys that I know to you? I’ll make sure they’re smart and good-looking!

Then she had a China guy friend in the graduates’ room yesterday and they were chatting. Then she introduced us (with no match-making intentions, I’m sure). Today she asked me if I thought he was handsome. LOL. NO!

I can’t believe this.. this topic has been popping up in the past few months. Oh I do meet interesting people.. but that’s about it. Only 22. My life has just begun! Though it’d be nice to have someone to share it with, for now it’s not a must-happen. I’m reluctant to think too much about it.

Next week’s highlight: I’m gonna find my field tutor next week! Hopefully I get to meet him. I’m pretty sure he’s one of the most brilliant minds in social work. I need inspiration, intellectual stimulation, mind-jerking questions.




One response

27 05 2007

rem our yue ding go Lunch Actually together if we r still single at 28! *winks* lol (:

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