I want to be a guru

4 06 2007

It’s now June. I’m just about slightly more than 2 months away from the beginning of my last year in NUS!

I’m looking forward to it! But also feel uncertain about it… as with most other challenges I face. One thing is that since year 2, I’ve always had inspiring and really really nice and fun seniors to look up to, and now, there’s gonna be no more senior to approach for ideas or just talk cok with… no more discussions with any senior about any particular theory or framework or issue for any term assignment. Now, I’m gonna be a senior in social work.

The social landscape would also be slightly different… my 2 bestest buddies are graduating! Anthony and Marcus. Aye. Gonna miss them. Especially during exam season. They offer a different flavour to my life in social work. With them, it’s pure humour and lots of crap.

I want a vision of what year 4 would be like! Let me take 2 months to imagine. Kinda sad I don’t qualify for thesis… my grades dipped at this final lap. Now I know, I’m probably not counselor material… Err…. but I wanna be a guru in some aspect of social work. The world is looking for gurus!

How about being a guru in….

working with people on the margins? women, pregnant teens, children, the low-income, prostitutes, lesbians, gays and transgendered… advocate for more understanding and social justice.

using make-up as a tool in social work? make-up and empowerment? make-up and self-image?

research? evaluate programs.. listen to people’s narratives of their experiences… be a consultant like the lecturers… sit on boards and councils…

Hmm.. I want to work in an FSC first!!




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