A 3-year-old’s mind

25 06 2007

Scenario #1

Son: “Daddy, next time when Janelle (baby sis who’s only a few weeks old)  grows up, we’ll bring her to feed the crocodiles ok?”

Daddy: “Ok, now we’ll bring you to the zoo to feed the lions.”

Scenario #2

Aunt: “Hmm your spoon’s a bit small, shall I get you a bigger spoon to use?”

The other son: “No need. Cos I am bigger than the spoon.”

I think #2 is really funny la. It’s so illogical!! Those are Ps Ming’s sons. LOL. Been very blessed by Ps Ming’s teaching. In the midst of his personal challenges, he’s still encouraging us and showing what it means to be strong and what faith means.




One response

7 07 2007

really funny siah the kids! though i quite prefer the feed lions joke lol!! (:

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