8 07 2007

I’ve discovered it’s impossible to fall in love with brains alone. What good would intelligence do without a heart that can appreciate all that life has to offer?

Just read HL’s blog. She was blown away by her field tutor! Who was also my field tutor last year. If I ever do teach social work next time, I want students to walk out of my class ‘blown away’. I want them to come out with a confused mind.. confused cos their values, their beliefs, their assumptions about people, about work have all been challenged. It doesn’t matter that they don’t have all the answers, that’s just part of life and part of social work. Actually, reading that entry got me fired up. I want the remaining 1 year of social work education to be mind-blowing. I want to learn lots, think lots and challenge lots in year 4. I DON’T want year 4 to be a humdrum, just-get-it-over-&-done-with thing. I want to think thought-provoking thoughts. It’s time to breakaway. Status quo is not my thing.




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