13 08 2007

For the next 1 year..

Learn lots, think lots, challenge and question lots. Do a solid ISM that is good enough to be published in a journal! (yes, my very strict supervisor has given me this challenge!)  I know that’s not impossible because his students have done it before. Gotta be focused! Gotta streamline my life.. do less brilliantly.  Will try and stick with RA work though.

I am so HAPPPYYY that I found a supervisor who’s willing to supervise me for my independent research. He agreed pretty quickly and without blasting me! Just told me what to look out for and then said “ok, i’ll take”. I must say the requirements set out are demanding… But how do we ever learn and grow without being trained? I feel like my mind’s gotta work 3 times faster or more to catch up and absorb what he’s putting across. And he’s a really disciplined person, I think. So yea, it’ll be good training for me.

Lots of work and challenges coming up, but hurdle number 1 is crossed! I am one step closer to my dreams! The possibility of getting my work published is exciting! I want to work diligently towards that. Need discipline and focus.




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