It’s a rainy day today…

19 08 2007

Rainy days are perfect for reflection.. you know.. music in the background, hot drink on the table and me on the couch.

I was just pondering once again about my journey in social work. I know He has been with me.

And it’s really interesting how I’ve changed.. from being a very lost and timid freshie, I’m now much clearer where my strengths lie and roughly where I wanna go in the future. And yea, especially from year 2 and placement, I realised how my interests in social work have never been very mainstream. I’m into critical theory, anti-oppressive framework, gays, sex workers, research.. all of which have never really been given that much attention in the social service scene here. But I do believe and hope that would change and I want to be part of that change here. So I’m very grateful to my sup for agreeing to supervise me on my first venture in independent research. Hopefully, this partnership will go very well and my article can eventually be fantastic enough to be published!

So that would be my focus in the next few months. This lights the fire in me.. and I totally believe I am born for such a time as this!




4 responses

21 08 2007

it sounds great. i definitely am persuaded by the very same inclinations you have too. add oil! to a beautiful life.

23 08 2007

“rawr~!” you go gal! 😉

23 08 2007

Hi ruif! cya v soon! i am always amazed the new perspectives u bring up when we discuss these things from time to time. 🙂

23 08 2007

Eunice? thanks thanks!

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