thinking aloud

10 10 2007

been asking myself why i’m so keen on doing a research project related to gays.. for my independent research, i’d like to interview gays (which is perhaps not possible for now), for my family practice paper, i’m gonna write about how family practice can be more sensitive to the needs of gay youth.

yes, i’m a Christian and there’s all that discourse about gay being wrong.. yadayadada.

do i agree with the bible? yes.

do i think there are needs out there? yes.

i think, as a social work student, perhaps my thinking is a lil different and maybe even convoluted, or even contradictory.

just because i don’t agree entirely doesn’t mean that oppression is legitimate.

i guess, this piece of research is so important and personal to me because i think there’s a need to push boundaries a little. it hits the core of what social work is/should be about.




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