happy things + 2 scary thoughts

22 10 2007

It’s been a very very very tough and challenging time… for some time actually.

But let me count my blessings..

#1. I received a pot (aiya,not bouquet) of roses! Met up with my some of my favourite friends – Anthony, Marcus and Cullen. It’s always great meeting up with them. Some few months back, I told them I want to grow/garden (i dont know the right word) a pot of roses. But of course, I never got down to buying a pot. Guess what, they bought a pot for me! So absolutely touched. The roses make waking up in the morning so much more pleasant!! And now, since they are all working, they have denied me the right to pay for my own food. Hahahah to them, I’m a poor, poor, poor undergrad now. Anthony said, “Ahh… never mind la. It’s ok, wait till you start working next year.. your turn (to pay) will come.” Whatever it is, these guys are God-sent!

#2. Landing a part-time job with MCYS! This is extra cash, so the hope of getting a new mobile phone is more real! And also Rebecca and Rachel are in it, plus a nice boss (real knowledgeable, intelligent and willing to share). Good money for just a few days of work plus wonderful learning experience. So badly want a new phone because, with the old Sony Ericsson (yes, I’m sold out to Sony Ericsson!) phone, I wake up to Sun’s singing voice, or Delirious?’s energizing music. Now, I wake up to angry people yelling at me to wake up. Other than my own blues these days, this whole thing about waking up to angry people appears to contribute in part to my extra-grumpy nonsense. Hate it!

#3. The love of some church friends really amazes me. It helps to have people who are standing with you.

Scary thought #1. That I’m considering becoming a teacher (Anthony said, “Huh? You mean after you struggled in social work for so many years, you’re not going to do social work?”; Cullen said,”Go la. Go and apply”). But the part-time MCYS work really makes me feel like “Oh man, I can’t wait to get into the field!” God’ll guide me, I believe.

Scary thought #2. It’s not new, but I’m becoming more comfortable with it. Urgh, well, sort of. I don’t mind being (or staying) single unless I meet a super-fantabulous guy. The freedom of being single! He doesn’t need to be that great (cos I’m not, haha). We just need to be able to connect, but haven’t met such a guy la.




2 responses

24 10 2007

The freedom of being single!!! I so agree man!!! The more flings the better my dear! Open relationships ;P

Dun wait for Love to begin loving the people around you!

WOW I suddenly super profound sia!

Haha luv always,


24 10 2007


Like that call profound??

The more flings the better?? Remember the pledge you signed at the arts walkway today. Hehehe.

Love you woman!

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