A word in season

11 11 2007

To be honest, this is the first time I can truly say I appreciate Ps Ulf’s ministry so much. It’s not too late, I suppose. I have been really kinda down and feeling knocked back and lacked energy whatsoever. I had been so tired on the inside.

Here’re some things he shared that really encouraged me or more like… awakened me..

Life without the Holy Spirit is scary because you can only rely on yourself… your personality and your talent produce results – limited results.. But they can give you results many times enough to fool you.

Life without Jesus is cannibalizing. It’s almost like a jungle (sometimes I get this feeling in yr4 class). There’s always someone better than you, smarter than you. (As an example) People can attack you.. BUT you have something that they don’t have. You have the Holy Spirit.

(It scares and irritates me when I get the feeling that some people are out-to-impress, like… out-to-outsmart. Yea.. but now I definitely feel stronger on the inside.)

Quoting from someone else, Ps Ulf also shared “Life is a humbling experience. You’re naked when you’re born, you’re naked when you die and all in between, you need help.”

The main attack in your life is “GIVE UP!” Don’t give up, don’t run away, don’t let your lifestyle be a lifestyle of retreat.

Circumstances don’t make you a failure..

Don’t let a few little ruffles take you out of the presence of God. He is your God, not your servant!

That’s right… more than planning my own plans.. which is of course important, I want to set my priorities right and quit worrying about the future. God is good, even though my circumstances seem and feel far from perfect.

Let this week be a better, more focused week.. And I’m looking forward to Ps Phil! He’s gonna paint as he preaches! I’ve always wanted to get my own canvas and just spend time painting. That’s gonna happen soon, hopefully!




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