To be honest

22 11 2007

Been asking myself why I stayed behind one more year to get an Honours’ degree.. it’s not exactly what I like. The content. This is just studying.. can’t imagine if I’d have to settle for a job I don’t quite like.. Of course, I know I’ve the choice not to, should it happen in future.

Been very amazed at the people God’s bringing into my life.. or into my circle in year 4… touched by the human goodness I’m experiencing.. they rock la. Hope to know my classmates better 🙂

AI LING!!!!! Keep walking even though you don’t like it. ONE life! Grab it!

I stayed back one more year.. because I believe this is a God-inspired decision.. stayed back one more year so that I can be better equipped to be a social worker with knowledge.. because it ups my chances of doing a Master’s in future..

I want to enjoy the social work experience.. this is my second last semester. One verse that really reminded me to keep going is Col 3:23… I’m not doing it for people.. whatever I do, is unto Him. One audience.

Be my guide.. till the day is done. Keep walking.




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