What they teach in school

2 12 2007

It’s funny how there’re modules like social policy and planning and welfare economics, where we learn about resource allocation.

Doesn’t life itself already teach us about allocating and maximizing scarce resources?

One life, limited time, many dreams.. many things to do, many places to travel to.. many, many wants, limited time etcetera  etcetera.

A low-income family lamented to me when I interviewed them last year, “Why do we need to attend classes on financial management and cutting back our expenses? Doesn’t our experience of living on what little we have make us the very people who best know what it means to allocate properly and live within our means?”

This is something quantitative data will not be able to reveal…

Which reminds me.. without God, we are as limited as all that we are, all that we know and have. 




2 responses

2 12 2007

tell me abt it man! That’s why I love qualitative…it’s so heartwarming to just connect to the clients and just listen to their stories! 😛

How that conversation transformed into a publication…might just change countless other families ard the world….

The Magic of A Journal

And The Magic of Faith!!!

It takes Courage to Believe and Dream!!!

4 12 2007

Hello my goddess friend!

ya man, that’s why i love qualitative! it’s really amazing to listen to the clients’ (or participants’) stories… there’s so much i learnt from them!

keep dreaming dreams!

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