12 things for December

7 12 2007

Exams over! I’m just relieved it’s over!

In a way, the end of the exams sort of mark the end of a year.. 2007’s been really tough.

Things I wanna do (assuming i have all the time in the world, so this’s a wish list)

1. shop.. for new clothes and shoes and bag

2. plant sunflowers. M1 sent some seeds! so cool la. just need to get pot and soil from friend can already.

3. cycle and jog at ecp with ju

4. jog lots.. it’s totally therapeutic

5. seek God (this is imperative)

6. reflect.. take stock and at the same time project for 2008.. i’m really excited 2008’s coming. just really relieved 2007’s coming to a close.

7. spend time with cg.. and some close friends

8. spend time with family.. my bros! they are the celebrated men in my life! Ha!

9. Paint!!! Totally wanna do this.. Ju, Bec and I are thinking of doing just that.. maybe at la selle.. go there and breathe in some creative vibes

10. dec is really a month for soul-&-temple-repair la..

11. visit museum and quirky places in singapore

12. start working on ism.. in fact my sup has arranged to meet come Monday (so fast!) wanna see a breakthru in my school work.. not grades-wise.. but in terms of thinking critically and being creative.. kinda lost that as this year got more and more tiring, which really shouldn’t be the way!

i’m just a little battle-weary la (can you imagine, grandma got hospitalized today, the day i end exams) but i’m gonna get rejuvenated and renewed! God is a God of new things!




One response

14 12 2007

your plans all sound pretty exciting! really wanna do #9 and #11 too, ask me along when you’re going for it k 🙂 hugs, you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

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