9 12 2007

very random.

tmr i’ll get the materials that are being used for sex education in secondary schools.. and meeting my sup (so fast!). that probably marks the beginning of ism. dunno whether to change topic. let’s see if i can link my topic up with my sup’s. but whatever it is, i’m excited about ism!

meeting my favouritest friends tmr! jogging in the morning. must wake up earlier so that not so hot. exam season has changed my sleeping patterns and hours rather radically. ha.

enjoyed today’s service.. hmm.. a breakthrough is coming.

Christmas is coming!

I want to end the year strong!! God has been v gracious.. 🙂

Hang out a bit with Renu and some of her very nice friends. She’s been telling her Indian friends (they are shocked la) that i wanna marry an Indian man (i think inter-racial marriage is cool la). think i once told her that i sometimes feel like an Indian girl trapped in a Chinese body. Look, i’ve wavy hair (ok i know there’re people of all races with wavy hair.. i shall learn to move away from stereotypes), i love spicy food, err nothing much more actually?!

Anyway, it was great fun hanging out with them.. now i sorta can appreciate just a bit what it feels like to be one Indian amongst a whole lot of Chinese.  but they were real nice to translate for me la. really warm people! it made me wonder if Chinese put up high barriers to entry to their cliques (see i’m talking like i’m not a Chinese!). i suppose that the Chinese are a heterogeneous community la. but the general feel i get is Chinese cliques are not easy to go into.. maybe more guarded. If you’re Chinese and you disagree, please don’t blast me k!

Happy week, people!




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