15 12 2007

It’s been a draining and harrowing time.

Grandma’s in and out of hospital.

I suppose that’s not just it. I see the family dynamics – the power play, the ‘face’ issue, the ‘pang tang’ nature of Chinese people, the who’s in and who’s out, who’s here and who’s not. And this, is such an irony because I am gonna be a social worker working with families – how would a social worker who is ‘outside’ work with the family? It is not easy. I think the Asian idea of extended family ties is not really relevant for me.. the nuclear family is good enough. In a sense, we all quite literally start and end there.

Haha, and then I thought of what theory or practice model would work well with this Chiam family. I think Satir’s model would work well.

I need to get some good rest.




One response

23 12 2007

I hope your grandma is okay!

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