So the year is really starting!

7 01 2008

Back from chalet with the cg! It was fun fun fun! 3 days of talking cok and getting to know people.

Shall get photos soon.

Realized I could live without MSN and Facebook. Haha.

Yea, new year resolutions:

1. stop blog-surfing aimlessly

2. use facebook less. not that any very big thing happens there.

We cycled and played silly games. Forfeits included sucking your own toe, licking another person’s foot, biting another person’s ear. We went to Wild Wild Wet in the big downpour. It was truly wild and wet.

As I start my last semester in NUS, I decided that…

I don’t want to chase after success for success’ sake. That is highly meaningless, empty and draining. It is really sad to see people around chasing after grades for its own sake. Nothing is enough, nothing satisfies. Getting a good grade leaves them hankering for more. It’s good to go for good grades, but doing that for its own sake without a purpose is just… sad. I don’t want that.

I’ll trust God with a great job and great supervisor. Having settled that fear leaves me feeling more… settled, although I don’t know exactly where I’ll work yet. But that’s fine, things are working out for my good!

I wanna set boundaries… last semester I was literally tossed and turned. Thankfully, I’m more settled and assured this semester.. Hmm ya, thank God I survived that season.

I desire more courage, more wisdom, more focus. đŸ™‚

Ok, off to get some work done. Happy 2008!




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