For a start..

20 01 2008

Met up with my favouritest friends earlier this week… it’s funny how I’ve never really taken pics with them save for 1 or 2 a long, long time ago. I guess we’re just not the let’s-take-a-pic kind. It’s hard to pinpoint why I love hanging out with them.. maybe partly cos we’re all Teochews.. halfway thru a conversation we could pretty naturally spew some Teochew nonsense and have a good laugh. I told them my Teochew has deteriorated and they say it’s because the Teochew clan has graduated. Ha. I’m still trying to figure out why I love hanging out with them.

My rose plant is growing well once again! Ok, thanks again to the Teochew clan’s advice… next thing.. after the mealy bugs are all gone, I’m gonna get another pot from Ikea!

Some areas I’ll focus on in 2008

1. family – spend more time. 2. career! graduating v soon! applications also going out v soon!  3. get fit! wanna run 10km comfortably by June and 21km by December.

2008’s been good thus far.. hehe.. very drawn to the secret place.. So pastor’s word was definitely a word in season… our confidence is not built in the storms of life.. but in the secret place.. where there’s only You and I.




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