28 01 2008

I’m struggling to get the lit review on methods done!! Critical theory research is so so so attractive.. but also difficult to operationalize. My sup’s definitely gonna ask me HOW. And coupled with me trying to integrate this with discourse or narrative analysis.. Lord, pls help me!

I was so desperate for help, I emailed the author of a book on anti-oppressive framework for some advice! She probably thinks I’m a nutcase. But well, who knows, perhaps she’ll reply and laud me for my courage to attempt to use a framework that isn’t commonly used or even heard of in Singapore and that perhaps we could even do some long-distance collaboration! Who knows!

I’m struggling so much for this ISM I’m sort of enjoying it. I mean, really, there could be a chance I may not do so well.. but I think the guts and the struggle is all quite… worth it? Haha, and I always believe there’s something heroic about the struggle. I think it’s worth it la. I don’t want to do research that’s so… positivist and sterile.. I would like to contribute something fresh. Research is a science, but certainly also an art!  I so want to be a guru in qualitative research next time! Ok having said that, I still really want to do well for this ISM and I hope something good will come out of this research. So please do keep me in your prayers especially that I’ll continue to have a sound mind. Haha.. I am excited about this still!

I really hope this Independent Study Module will become an Incredibly Solid Masterpiece!




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