ISM again

31 01 2008

I am chained to the pc for the next 24 hours or so. I am once again, trying to hit a deadline. Ok, this is better than previous semesters. I did start slightly earlier, but it really took much more time than expected. Should be able to finish on time la.  Though I’m not really done. I’m trying to just write first then edit.. rather than to want to get all the facts and ideas straight and then type it out.. one author once said “you can edit something, but you can’t edit nothing”. Wow! It makes a lot of sense for me..

My sup: How’s your ISM?

Me: Struggling.

My sup (in a i-knew-it mocking tone): It’s NORMAL!

Me (truly surprised and comforted): Really? (Ok why should I be surprised? I’m neither well-versed in both anti-oppressive research nor discourse analysis!)
My sup: Ya it’s like that!

Oh! And I was so desperate for help that I emailed a professor who wrote about anti-oppressive research for some advice! SHE ACTUALLY REPLIED when we’re not even remotely (ok we are, in the literal sense) acquainted! Recently, a writer whose book I want to read also left a comment on my blog. I have never been more amazed at how the Internet can link people up. Googling is such a smart but creepy thing!

Discourse analysis is really cool.. more about that again.




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