15 02 2008

#1. Some classmates call me Ah Lian. AL=Ah Lian, not Ai Ling.

Mark: So we wanna ask “why isn’t it fair”?

My paraphrase: Why is it not fair, la!

#2. I’m finally warming up to year 4 classmates. *Gasps. You mean you take so long?* Yea, I take quite long.

#3. I’ll choose to be happier and smile more, aiya, be friendlier in other words. Found myself allowing circumstances to dictate my mood. No good. Every day above ground is a GREAT DAY! It’s a matter of choice.

I tend to give people the impression that I’m not-too-friendly. I’m just more reserved with people I don’t know so well. Tend to find overly-friendly people too… intrusive (like why are you asking me so many questions when I barely know you? But that’s precisely the reason why they’re asking that many questions!).

#4. Just handed up by ISM proposal. Fingers crossed. I really am enjoying the process. Enjoying this semester so much more partially because of ISM.

#5. Realized I quite like plants.

Was trying to find out the opening hours of Far East Flora… cos I need to go get some anti-fungal spray for my rose plant.. It’s flowering nicely.. But I suspect it’s got some fungal infection. So anyway I saw these on the Far East Flora website!

So pretty right?

Little changes and attention to detail can make a huge difference 🙂




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21 02 2008

*wavewave* MISS!

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