Away from work

23 02 2008

Went cycling with Bec. We cycled 4 hours – it was GREAT. Love cycling. Shall try cycling alone next time, just to see if I enjoy doing it alone. What a hermit, you must think! But I enjoy time alone. Solitude is a very precious commodity.

It was great to put work aside and just cycle and enjoy the quiet moments away from the busyness of life. It really puts things in the right perspective.. it’s like.. I’m reminded that life is so LARGE and it has so much to offer. I’m reminded to think big and be open to changes.

This picture seems to beg the question “Where are you planning to go?”

Love these pics. Those clouds, the sun, and the beautiful colour combination.. God’s creation is really amazing.

Trying to capture a plane taking off. SQ flight I think.. reminded me of my air crew friend.

Life is hardly as straight as this… but it really is the twists and turns that make life exciting and worthwhile.

The best advice I ever heeded is definitely this phrase called “Keep walking”. Keep walking, no matter what!

That was dinner at Komala’s. We could only finish half of our portion.. it was very filling! Great service and we loved the pistachio ice-cream at the end!




One response

25 02 2008

nice place! where is it? far end of east coast park?

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