2 opposite characters

26 02 2008

Went for my first proper job interview yesterday. It didn’t go too smoothly – I suppose I wasn’t that prepared and that it was the FIRST anyway. It was a valuable experience though. Lesson learnt: don’t expect interviewers to go easy on you.

And then, I met up with some classmates to celebrate Bec’s birthday at the Singapore Botanic Gardens! Haha, what an opposite experience it was. We needed a lighter for Bec’s candle and we managed to borrow matches from a German guy who also gave us a copy of a CD his band came up with. Juxtaposed against the earlier experience, this gesture of basic human kindness made my day (ok, yea it could be for publicity and all.. but still..). Anyway, we had a great time painting, talking and eating! Eunice does fantastic potato pies and Shihui’s meatballs can rival Ikea’s! I’m falling more and more in love with the botanic gardens. 🙂

So the epiphany of the day is that it takes ALL SORTS to make the world! :)))




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