At a certain point

29 02 2008

You know, I think that everyone will reach a certain point in their lives when they decide that there are things/people they can do without.

Like, I am just me, a human being with all the imperfections you can name.

I can’t force you to like or enjoy my company more, neither will I do that. Because, without you in my life, LIFE STILL GOES ON.

This is not being cruel or heartless, this is accepting a new reality. Not that I’m not affected, of course I am. But there’re people who will come and go, there’re people who will like or dislike me. Just that at a certain point, it all doesn’t matter anymore. Because I am just me. As imperfect as you are. Hmm but I’m not talking about any particular something or someone… this is just a reflection. 🙂

Just a very random note.. this is also why I’m so against the idea of how people always say a woman should look a certain way.. to attract men, or find a partner. Looking pretty to boost the woman’s self-esteem, yes. But to please a man, NO. The definition of beauty certainly needs to be expanded.




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29 02 2008

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