My greatest fear

1 03 2008

当我和世界不一样 那就让我不一样
坚持对我来说 就是以刚克刚
我如果对自己妥协 如果对自己说谎
即使别人原谅 我也不能原谅

最美的愿望 一定最疯狂
我就是我自己的神 在我活的地方

我和我最后的倔强 握紧双手绝对不放
下一站是不是天堂 就算失望 不能绝望

我和我骄傲的倔强 我在风中大声的唱
这一次为自己疯狂 就这一次我和我的倔强

对爱我的人别紧张 我的固执很善良
我的手越肮脏 眼神越是发光
不在乎我的过往 看到了我的翅膀
你说被火烧过 才能出现凤凰

逆风的方向 更适合飞翔 我不怕千万人阻挡

Almost cried while listening to it.

Today I discovered my greatest fear – that of giving up. 爱玲, 你绝对不能放弃!你知道你是完完全全不想放弃的!Be it school work, ism or relationship, you must not give up.

“Life is a fight for territory. When you stop fighting for what you want, what you don’t want will take over.” – Dr A.R. Bernard.




3 responses

2 03 2008

ow I love the quote… I have a connection with it! 😛

Fear lets us know what we do not want…it gives us strength and courage to choose our destiny and achieve what we truly want in life.


2 03 2008

So Rogerian!! (All we need are the 3 core conditions for effective therapy and change – the power to change lies in us. Haha.)

Dear Ju,
You’ve been such an inspiration (albeit a chaotic one!) to me – to keep working for what I believe in.

your neat freak friend, chiam. 😀

9 03 2008

haha. nice….

Dear Ju and Ling,

Both of you are my inspiration too! Chaotic or Neat-Freak. Haha.

Somewhere-in-btw, becca.

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