30 03 2008

Sometimes I wonder how long more I can live with all the uncertainty around me. Not just what lies ahead after graduation.. but really much more than that. This morning in church, I was so scared.. scared that one day I might just stop hoping. That I might stop having my fingers-crossed kind of expectancy. That’s really scary. I’d almost always agree that life is exciting. Ha. A friend said it’s exciting because it’s uncertain. Hmm I don’t know. For me, it’s exciting because there’s always so much more ahead to see, to learn, to experience, to achieve, to feel.

Ha anyway, I’m looking forward to the end of the assignment season! Finishing up my ism now!

I wanna buy a pot of orchids, a pot of roses, do craft, read Losing My Virginity, read The Kite runner, go jogging, go cycling (did you realise that all these are solitary activities! I suppose rest for me equals to having pockets of time alone by myself), learn scuba diving, go trekking. Woohoo, Jessie and I signed up for a 10km run!

Have you moved on? I often wonder what it could have been if…  




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31 03 2008

cool, I wanna read the Kite Runner too! Heard the story’s great (there’s even a movie on it that I’d wanted to watch some time back!). Oooh, which run did you gals signed up for? I’m thinking of signing up for Passion Run; Diana signed up for the Passion Run’s 15km one, but I think after such a long break from running, I’d better target around 10km max.. haha.

WOooooooooooooooooH! Last lap of ISM le, in a matter of hours! GANBATTE!! And let’s watch the documentary @SIFF too! 😉

Moved on? I guess, it depends on how we define ‘moving on’. Is it to forget the past? Or to embrace it and walk on with it? Is it to look at the what-had-happened-s in the eye and smile in the light that the impact no longer shakes us as often, or as intense as before? Mmm.. ha, paiseh, write so much.. was just musing 🙂

31 03 2008


Deadline for Passion run is the same as ISM deadline.. 31Mar.

We must watch something at SIFF, whatever!

Yea, those ‘moving on’ perspectives are really nice… it could mean so many different things to different people.. qualitative stuff is so cool huh.. it can really uncover subtleties.

Haha I didnt bother to contextualize what this moving on thing means.. shall let it remain ambiguous! 😉

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