ugh. terrible.

2 04 2008

Felt terrible today. My head almost exploded. Came home to rest, but I couldn’t fall asleep. But the headache went away after I popped 2 panadols. Hate falling sick. And no one was home.
Now that ISM is over, I’m bored with school, which explains why I’ve been blogging. Everything else seems boring and not-that-huge anymore.. I’m just looking forward to my sup’s feedback on the paper. Doing ISM on the ‘coming out’ experience is the best thing that happened in the honours year, besides Voices, of course. Even though I probably may not work directly with gay persons in future, it taught me that social workers should not be voiceless people. I also learnt the meaning of ‘making it happen’. If you’re really keen on something, you’ll find means and ways to get it done. That’s one important attitude and principle I can carry with me anywhere.

Yea, and I gotta continue the job-finding process. Is it that hard to find a fit? I just want a progressive and forward-looking environment that can feed me decently. Are employers looking for on-the-ball, assertive and workers with some passion and initiative or are they looking for submissive, laid-back followers?




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