always so future-oriented

4 04 2008

got a job offer! it alleviated some of my moodiness. at least i don’t ve to fret about looking for a job. thank God i can really really have a proper break. about one month in june.

been feeling a bit moody.. horrible. what do people feel near graduation.. i’m aware those guys i hang out with were somewhat moody. haha. like ‘don’t talk to me about graduation’.

anyway… there’re several things i really hope to do in the 1 month break.

1. learn scuba diving..  2. go trekking.. 3. go somewhere with the smart 4some..  4. pursue an evaluation project.. get funding, raise issues. . 5. do craft..

But i’m also looking fwd to work la. I’m sure i’ll be learning alot.. and i know i’ve good supervisors. it’s a fantastic deal actually.

in about a months’ time i’d be done with exams.. really fast! ok, i’ll chiong through. really surprised too to have made several friends and to know them beyond hi-bye. i nv thought i could actually click with them. 😉




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