Professional identity and development panel discussion

5 04 2008

Starring very inspiring people from social work – Dr Maliki, who inspired me to major in social work when I had a brief encounter with him at his MPS. Mr Gilbert Fan and Ms Ang Bee Lian. All full of spunk and passion for the profession.

Mr Gilbert Fan’s sharing about his experience in the medical setting had particular significance for me since that’s where I’m headed.

“Patients need hope till the very end..”

“You must have a philosophy about living, dying and death.”

“You don’t hang on to a career, you move steadily with your enthusiasm.”

Ms Ang Bee Lian said I look familiar.. funny. I’ve never met her before, I think. She challenged us to ask ourselves.. if we were to be at a forum, would we dare to say “I’m so and so, I’m a social worker.” It’s inspiring that even though the state of social work here is not exactly at optimal or as developed as elsewhere, there’re people who are willing to believe and work for change.

On a question that asked “do you need a good heart to be a social worker?”, Ms Ang said “I think a strong heart is more important!”

One thing that Dr Maliki shared really struck me.. social work gives you “a consciousness that grounds you”. That it helps you to appreciate your past, keeps you grounded and yet helps you to move along. It’s true for me. The saddest thing that happened in my life all sort of took place in the medical setting and now, it’s where I’ll be going to in my first job as a social worker.

Looking back, it seemed to all fit in very well.. my decision to major in social work, and in social work, I’ve found friends whom I can share my passion and dreams with, and it’s a huge privilege that I somehow have many opportunities to get to know the best in the field.. from my field placement supervisors, field tutor, profs and ex-social work students who are doing a fantastic job out there.. It all worked out so well. I’m very thankful. More again!




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6 04 2008

whoo. yes! i was soooo inspired too! (:

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