SIFF 2008

13 04 2008

We went to watch the Singapore Shorts Finalists. My favourite is Fran Borgia’s Para Asia (For Asia). It’s truly short and to-the-point and yet it leaves room for interpretation and thought. I dislike Silent Girls. It was kinda tasteless. I also like Boo Junfeng’s Keluar Baris, though I think the trailer revealed a bit too much.

I also thought it was nice of the SIFF people to come out to ask the latecomers if they were still waiting for anyone before screening the show. That was a nice touch.


That’s us trying to mimick the Silent Girls poster behind us. This is the Copycat Girls version.

This is Illusive Girls.

The Substation is a quaint, old, charming place.




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19 05 2008

I thought Para Asia should have won…something at least.

My friend and I disliked Silent Girls as well…Love Me Love My Dogs…that’s a excruciating 15 minutes spent.

Keluar Baris is not bad…but I feel Jun Feng usually use too much voice-overs for his short films.

Kinda worked with the both of them before…as arts department assistant for a late 08/early 09 feature film with Fran, who always so tensed up ._. and…although I did not help really THAT much, the setting up of the SIFF launch party over at the LOOF bar with Boo Jun Feng.

I didn’t realise he was a film maker until he told me though…cuz he seems quite young and stuff.

Congrats on JF winning again…but Fran, in my opinion, should have walked away with something as well.

To quote my friend: “YA LOR! THE JURY KELONG! They feel that cuz Fran isn’t a Singaporean, so he doesn’t deserve to win!”

A bit over-the top…but I have the same feelings as well.

Favourite 2: Para Asia and Wet Season.

Keluar ranks third for me.


Silent girls….second last.

I prefer Kallang Roar over My Home My Heaven though. MHMH seems a tad too predictable for me, even though I give them some points for shooting at a location I recognise…haha.

Yea…my feedback might be a bit late…but feel free to check out Sinema Old School. Heard they are rerunning the 6 short films again.

Lucky 7 and some other feature films are going to be shown as well.

I went with two of my friends to view previous SIFF silver screen winners…and boy…was it an enjoyable experience.

I especially like Autograph Book, Di and The Secret Heaven.

21 05 2008

Hi David,
Thanks for your comment!

Ya i thought Para Asia should ve won something too.

Sounds like you are into film quite a bit đŸ™‚

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