Honours life reflection part I

19 04 2008

Haha. I don’t know how many parts there’ll be.

But at this point, I’m deeply grateful for the people I’ve met… people I’ve had the privilege to know at a deeper level.. the classmates, the professors.. all the support we get, the times we laughed over silly things, the times when all we wanted was to go off and party… the time we spent thrashing theories and concepts out.. the times when we were rushing assignments through the night..

I’ve gained much, I’ve lost some. Is it worth it? Yes and no. Any regrets? Not really.

I’m grateful for the unexpected opportunities given to me. Hopefully, years down the road, all these people’s investment in my life will bring about huge dividends! Now I’m a nut, next time I’ll be a mighty oak tree!

More specific names later on… 🙂




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