Honours life reflection part II

1 05 2008

I was so close to choosing sociology as my major in year 2. What (or rather, who) tipped the scale?

Dr Maliki – it was inspiring to see him in action, applying his knowledge and skill set in his work as an MP.

Dr Sim – the first thing he impressed upon me was that social work is not just about the heart. It’s also about application of knowledge and using brains. Anyway, in the first tutorial, he said something like “If as a social worker you’re not going to be a revolutionary, then what are you going to be?”

Favourite theory – Critical theory, anti-oppressive framework! Challenges status quo and is huge on social justice.

Favourite modules – SW2101 working with individuals and families, SW3103 field placement, SW4660 independent study module! I love SW4103 advanced research and evaluation too.

Favourite quote by a professor – the oak tree quote that Dr Ngiam shared. I’ll also always remember him telling me “no venture, no gain”. I suppose this is also what gave me the courage to propose organizing Voices.

Most desperate moment – when I emailed the author of a book for help for ISM. She’s a professor at Uni of Victoria in Canada.

The ‘turning point’ moments – when I plucked up the courage to volunteer to role-play in Dr Sim’s  SW2101 tutorial. That was like “ok, so you can be brave if you choose to be!”

Another turning point moment has to be coming into contact with critical theory in Dr Rowlands SW2101 class!

Doing ISM and organizing Voices provided many defining moments too… the people I came into contact with, many moments of doubt. It was also very exciting to have the autonomy to take creative control of my work. I felt like I was given ample space to ‘show off’ (HAHAHA).

If I were to teach at NUS… I would like to teach a course on gender with more focus on sexual minorities.. or how about Social Work and Minorities (wow! sounds cool huh, it’d have a focus on research and advocacy, wow I’m excited already!)? Other things include.. qualitative research, anti-oppressive practice.

Ok, I refuse to put up specific friends’ names for now.. cos that’d really add a sense of finality to my life as an NUS student. So I’d only do that after exams. I told Lydia that I refuse to file for graduation cos yea.. that’d be like a FULL-STOP! So that comes after exams too. Back to theory-building for now.
Counting down to 07 May!




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