Since the exams ended, I’ve..

14 05 2008

1. Eaten Korean food with Liwen, met up with the ISM gang.. and we all got to know our sup better.. it was huge fun! Lots of silly moments and amazing revelations. We played till 1am.

2. Celebrated my birthday with different friends.. Xian and Jane came to surprise me! With my favourite Marmalade Pantry’s muffins. So sweet of them! Our friendship has gone thru many ups and downs.. and literally.. a long distance. It’s been 10 years! A bunch of my honours classmates also organized a birthday gathering for Shena, Shihui and I.. So moved, and I love the card they wrote.

3. Gotten to know some friends whom I would not have otherwise known. Graduation always brings with it bittersweet moments.

4. Attended a farewell BBQ and met some super smart friends from China. Really brilliant people.

5. Visited my aunt and cousin-in-law from China. Planning to hang out with her more.

6. Gone fishing at Sengkang with Yating. Super nice and quiet place.

7. Tried to wake up early for 7am jogs. Errr.. I’m still trying.

8. Been reminded of China more than once… I chose to do social work with China in mind, and I graduate with China in mind.

Pictures will come soooon.. and yea, next week, I’m planning to do things alone. đŸ˜€




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