19 05 2008

It frightened me that I almost forgot what your voice was like.


谢谢你曾经告诉过我做人要靠自己,不要靠别人。当时我并不太懂为什么,但是现在的我已明白你为什么会那么说 – 时间让我看到谁真正关心我们。

谢谢你对我无微不至的爱与照顾 – 虽然我们家境不是那么地富裕,但你总是给我最好的。虽然我有时候蛮不讲理, 你总是那么地耐心。

I still marvel at how alike I am to you. I can’t be bothered with what I don’t like, and when I do something I really enjoy, I go all out for it. I am straightforward. I like to keep things neat (although i’ve come to develop a greater threshold for messiness nowadays). But unlike you, I’m really lousy at bargaining and I don’t like to eat fish.

I’ve come to realize that while I have to ‘earn’ other people’s love, your love for me was unconditional – you loved me just as I was. Thank you for your love.

Even though I wish you were never gone, I’ve come to accept it and take heart in the fact that 我是一个经得起风浪的人。

And really, in a way, I realize the past is never past. It’s always with me.

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” – Faulkner

Thank you for giving me your best.




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