Visions and dreams!

25 05 2008

I don’t want to be 40 years old and asking what I could have done with my life when I was younger. Vision is so important. Vision doesn’t come with age.. being older doesn’t mean you have a clearer vision of where you want to go. It comes with deliberation… and I’d say, God’s calling for your life.

Take up the calling of God and run with it! Eat it, drink it, sleep it and live it!

For this calling, there’s no turning back, He says.

Many things you think are difficult or impossible at this point.. but walk with Me, you’ll be surprised, He says.

The days of yielding, the days of surrendering, you’ve no idea what I’ll bring about in your life, He says.

Walk with me, move forward, don’t turn back, don’t draw back, He says.

God has been so good… He really encouraged me on different things in my life.. I can see His hand in all these things. Thank God for a holiday and the time to mull over all these.

Looking forward to trekking, waterfall repelling and caving at Stong and Lata and a smart4some trip. 😀 Haaa.. must get fit before that.. have a 10km run to train for!




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