Women who love women

1 06 2008

Watched the documentary at Sinema Old School with Renu. It was enjoyable listening to the 3 ladies’ stories on ‘coming out’, relationships and all. But I thought it had perhaps a slightly more positive vibe than I’d prefer… I thought it might be interesting to see and hear the tension. And yeeaa, I didn’t dare voice that cos I was among the minority in the screening room. The director had asked who’s straight before that. And Renu and I didn’t look around, but we were sure we were the minority.

Anyway, when we bought tix, the lady at the booth thought we’re a couple. LOL. Yea, and an inter-racial couple at that. How cool is that!

I suppose this provides good closure… or a good pause in my pursuit in understanding the gay and lesbian scene in Singapore.. Hmm, it might be really interesting to do a comparative study of the similarities and differences in ‘coming out’ and coping issues between people who are gay and lesbian.

It was also great to hang out with Renu… one of my bestest friends!




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3 06 2008

An Interracial couple.. Ahemz.. Mite not be too bad an idea if we are still single in our late 30s you know? I mean, its not often you find a gorgeous, smart, vocal, (___fill in all the nice things you can think of___) person as one of ur bestest friends! =P

Jokes aside, the outing was fun! Especially when it took us so long to even raise our hands to indicate we were straight – I think deep down we were afraid we will get nasty looks form the majority of the audience! Haha!

3 06 2008

Yes dear Renu! It’s really great to have you as a bestest friend!

Eh we always walk alot when we meet up… dempsey road and now mount sophia! don’t you just love me? :p

hhhehee interracial couple… hmm for me one life, one man, but many women! many bestest girl friends!

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